13.05.20 4B Maths Home Learning

Morning today’s home learning is to estimate, round and calculate amounts of money in pounds and pence. Remember to use your learning from last week to help you with this. Follow the LBQ link below. Please can you write your full name so I can see who has been on.

Any questions please ask below.

35 thoughts on “13.05.20 4B Maths Home Learning

    • Don’t worry Noah, LbQ moves you on to the next level of difficulty once you have answered enough correctly. Saves you from doing things you know how to do over and over again.

      I see you solved this after a couple of goes. How did you solve it in the end?

    • You have done really well Merab.
      This is the only question you got wrong.
      What amount could have been rounded down to £3? You are looking for the largest amount possible.

    • Well done Yalda. You did get only 1 wrong, but you had 14 attempts at this question.
      Which 2 items did you choose in the end?
      What where the amounts rounded to and what was the calculation you did?

    • That is the same question I have put in reply to Merab. You need the highest amount that could have been rounded down to £3. £3._ _? A penny more and the amount would be rounded up to £4.

  1. I did it but one answer I was writing it wrong because I thought I was pressing shift 3 but I was pressing 4 I was about to write the answer then I accidently pressed the my mouse button and it incorrect and when I was to delete it my website took me out of Lbq

    • You have thank you.
      You seemed to have found this questions tricky.
      First round £9.62, then round £5.46. This should now give you 2 numbers to add together.
      What is the final calculation and answer?

    • Thank you Sheima.
      I see you struggled with this question.
      Round each of the amounts to the nearest pound (1 needs rounding down, the other 2 up).
      What is the calculation and answer?

    • Yes you have, but I am concerned about the amount of wrong answers.
      This question you had 10 goes at.
      Remember you needed to round the numbers. Which items did you choose in the end? What is the calculation?

    • You have Timothy, but I am concerned about the amount of wrong answers you have especially in the reasoning and problem solving sections.
      More thought before answering is needed. Have you got a pen and paper with you to jot down calculations? I think this would help.

      A question similar to this your had 8 goes at. See if you can try this one:

      I bought a ball for £9.20, a net for £5.60 and a football shirt for £2.30. Using rounding, estimate how much it would all cost.
      Then to the nearest pound, how much change would I get from £20?

    • I will let Miss Phillpots know. Remember, rounding is to the nearest whole number.
      So 1.1,1.2,1.3,1.4 would all round DOWN to 1.
      1.5,1.6,1.7,1.8,1.9 would all round UP to 2.

    • Good morning Yahya, this is 4 blue’s blog page! Go to the 4 white maths blog and there will be a code for our class so you can try the quiz again. Then I will be able to see your answers and help you. Well done for giving it your best and asking for help.

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