14.05.20 Caterpillars and Butterflies

To identify 2D shapes

Hello Caterpillars and Butterflies. Today I would like you to help me remember the names of some 2D shapes. Below, I found some shape pictures but silly me! I forgotten the shape names. Please can you write them down below for me? Don’t forget to use the word bank so that you spell the name of the shape correctly.

triangle square circle rectangle pentagon octagon

No 1. Hmm, I know the names of these shapes start with the letters t and c.
No 2. I think I counted 4 different 2D shapes that make up this picture. What are they?
No 3 Some many shapes!! What are they called? How many can you spot?

No 4. This is a tricky one! Don’t forget to write your answers in the comments.

I would like you now to create your own shape picture. You can either draw a picture using shapes (don’t forget to use a ruler or a straight edge) or you can cut out your shapes and glue them on. You can use any paper to do this, magazines or even newspaper! Don’t forget to label the shapes that you use. Good luck.

To write a sentence

Take a look at your picture. What have you created? I would like you to write a sentence explaining. Don’t forget to say your sentence, hold it and then write it. Use your phonics to help you if you’re stuck with a word.

Challenge: An adjective is a describing word. Can you improve your sentence by including an adjective and ‘and’. For example:

I have made a house. I have made a pretty house and it has a red door.

15 thoughts on “14.05.20 Caterpillars and Butterflies

  1. Circle, triangle
    Square, triangle, circle, rectangle
    Triangle, square, rectangle, circle
    Rectangle, triangle, pentagon ,octagon and circle.

  2. 1)In this sun I can see two 2d shapes. They are circle and a triangle.
    2)I can see four 2d shapes on this truck. They are circle and rectangle and square and also triangle.
    3) I can spot in this picture of a house four 2d shapes which are square and rectangle and triangle and the last one is circle.
    4) In this picture I can see five 2d shapes. They are hexagon and pentagon and a Octagon and a circle and finally a triangle.
    I will do the rest of this work tomorrow morning and send it through Z.Y 😇🌈

  3. 1. 1 circle and 8 triangles
    2 4 circles, 2 rectangles, 1 square and 1 triangle
    3. 4 squares, 3 rectangles, 1 circle and 1 triangle
    4. 3 rectangles, 3 triangles, 1 octagon, 1 pentagon and 7 circles

  4. 1) I can see a triangle and circle.
    2) The four 2D shapes are triangle, circle, rectangle and square.
    3) I can spot a circle, triangle, rectangle and square and these are four different shapes. All together I have counted 10 shapes.
    4) I can spot a circle, octagon, pentagon, triangle and rectangle. These are five all together.

  5. No1 -triangle , circle
    No 2 – rectagle, square ,rectalngle ,circle
    No 3- triangle ,square rectangle ,circle I spot four.
    No4- circle, rectangle, triangle, pentagon and octagon
    I will send the rest of my work via email.

  6. Circle, triangle
    Square, triangle, circle, rectangle
    Triangle, square, rectangle, circle
    Rectangle, triangle, pentagon ,octagon and circle
    I have created a picture of circle, octagon, square, triangle, rectangle and semi circle.

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