2W 15.05.20 D+T – To design a vehicle with moving parts

Coventry is famous for cars! We have learned about the Coventry Transport Museum and the history of transport in Coventry. Take a look at the video below to remind you.

Your challenge today is to design your own model vehicle with moving parts and next week you will create it. Think carefully about the materials that you have around your home. You could use cereal boxes, bottle tops for wheels, skewers for axles or anything you have handy around the house. Use your imagination. Below are a few examples.

The axle is what you attach the wheel onto so that it will move.

Please draw a detailed diagram of the vehicle you are going to create and label it.

Write two lists. One list of materials you will need and one list of tools you will need.

Below is a template to give you an idea of how to set out your design. Good luck. I know they will all be brilliant. Please write a sentence in the comments to say that you have completed the task and if you can, send them to Y2 upload. We would love to see them.

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