15.07.21 Home Learning: Observing Animals

Hello everyone! Unfortunately, we are unable to visit the animals first hand in the Zoo today. However, Dudley Zoo have live webcams of their Tiger and Penguin enclosures, so we will be observing these animals and answering questions.

Please watch each of the live feeds for a minimum of 5 minutes and answer the questions below to your best ability. If you cannot see the animals, visit the site later on in the day to check again.

To find out more information about these species, read the following information: https://www.dudleyzoo.org.uk/animal/penguin-humboldt/


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  1. Which animals are carnivores?
    Carnivores are animals that can eat meat like lions, tigers and bears.

    Which climates do each animals prefer?
    Penguins and polar bears prefer the cold antarctic.
    Lions are tigers live in Africa in the warm climates, and under trees for shade.

    Lions are mammals.
    Tigers are mammals.
    Elephants are mammals.
    Dolphins are mammals.
    Horses are mammals.
    Gorillas are mammals.

    Frog and toads are amphibians.

    I liked observing penguins because they are interesting animals.
    Penguins dont fight. They are not like a bird. Penguins love to live in cold climates. Penguins have flippers to help them to swim in the water. Penguins live in the North pole. Penguins like to eat fish and other sea life and they catch under water. Penguins drinks sea water.

  2. a carnivore is a animal that eats meat tigers lions cheetahs are carnivores
    penguins prefer a colder climate where as tigers prefer hot
    tigers are mammals and penguins are birds even though they cannot fky

  3. I would want to observe a tiger because tigers roars and they have alot of diffrent coulours on there furand there very dangerous.
    tigers are a carnival , lion, honey badger , bears and hyena.
    tiger prefer to go in the grassland , jungle. penguin prefer to go in the Artik , frozen.
    1. tiger, goats, elephants, deers, : are mammals that breed without eggs
    2. parrots : birds duck , eagle pigeon sparrow have fethers and can fly.
    3. snakes , lizard cokadile chameleon and sea turtle are animal that can crawl and have very small legs , are hot blooded and bread with eggs , have very harsh skin.
    4. ducks : frog duck some snakes crocadile can go in water and go out and stil be able to live.

  4. A carnivore is an animal that eats meat.
    Larger penguins inhabit colder regions, while smaller penguins are generally found in temperate or even tropical climates.
    Tigers are found in amazingly diverse habitats, rain forests, grasslands, savanas and mabgrive swamps.
    Penguins are birds.
    Tiger is mammal.
    I would prefer penguins because they walk funny.

  5. 1)Animals that eat meat are carnivores.
    2)lions and live in mild summer and penguins live in a cold climate.
    3)Tiger’s are mammals and penguins are a type of a bird.
    4)U preferred to observe tigers because they look very fluffy and nice.

  6. 1)Animals that eat meat are carnivores.
    2) Tigers live with the mild summers and Penguins live in the cold type of climate.
    3) Penguins are birds and tigers are mammals.
    4) I preferred to observe the penguins because they look nice.

  7. The tigers and penguins aren’t carnivores, However, they are herbivores because they eat meat. Penguins eat fish and tigers eat normal meat.
    Penguins like to be in a cold climate but tigers live in a hot climate.
    A penguin is a bird ,however it can not fly and lays eggs.
    A tiger is a mammal because it gives birth .
    I like to observe the penguins because they’re cute and fluffy

  8. Carnivores are an animal that eats meat.
    Penguins don’t eat meat but tigers do.
    Tigers live in woodlands and tropical climates.
    Penguins live in colder climate.
    Tiger is a mammal
    Penguins are birds
    I really like both but I think penguins bevy it’s cool to see them swim in the water and they walk really funny.

  9. Animals that ate meat are carnivores.
    Tigers live with the mild summers and tropical typhoons and storms and Penguins live in the cold and type of frigied climate.
    Penguins are birds and Tigers are mammals.

  10. 1. Tigers are carnivores .
    2. Tigers lives in forest , woodland grassland and rocky country. Penguins lives in cold or icy climate or they lives in Antarctica.
    3. Tigers are mammals and Penguins are bird.
    4. I choose Tiger because I want to see how they roar.

  11. Penguins are carnivores that eat fish.
    Penguins like cold climates.
    I would be a penguin so that I could eat fish all day.
    I wanted to observe a penguin because they look cute.

    • Click on the link attached to the word Webcams above. This will take you to the Dudley Zoo page and you can observe the Penguin enclosure live.

  12. 1.The animal that carnivores are tiger and penguins because they eat meat 🥩 .
    2. Tigers prefer hot and penguins prefer cold .
    3.Tigers are mammal and penguins are amphibious .
    4.I choose rabbit because they are so cute and nice and they don’t bite people .

    • Great start Tipian. Penguins aren’t amphibians though. Have another think about what type of animal classification they are?
      Rabbit is not an option, read the blog carefully, it asks you to choose either Tigers or Penguins and watch the live webcam footage in Dudley zoo of that animal.

  13. Penguins
    Penguins are carnivores.
    Penguins prefer cold, freezing days.
    Penguins are a type of bird.
    Tigers are carnivores.
    Tigers prefer mild, summer days.
    Tigers are a type of a big cat and mammal.
    I would prefer being a tiger so I have mild days.

    • Good effort Redir. But I think you mean tigers, please watch the tiger enclosure. When you can see the tigers, write a sentence describing what you can see please.

  14. Carnivores eat other animals.
    A Herbivore,Bird and a Mammal.
    The mammal is a cow, a amphibian is a frog, and the bird is a bird and the final one is a snake

    • Try this task again Kamil, but make sure you are answering the questions with Tigers and Penguins in mind. Which animals are carnivores?

  15. Carnivorous are animals which eat meat every day .
    Mamals are warm blooded and they are people not only animals but some animals are mamals which do not lay eggs they give birth.
    I chose penguins 🐧 because they are cute and they make cool noise.

    1. A penguin is a carnivore
    2. Penguins prefer a harshest and most frigid climates
    3. Birds

    1. A tiger is an obligate carnivore .
    2. Tigers prefer mild summers, that bring tropical storms and typhoons.
    3. Mammal

    I would prefer to observe a tiger because it has mild summers and tropical storms.

  17. 1) carnivorous are animals which eat meat.
    2) They are mammals and bird classification.
    3) I chose Tiger because I like them and they are dangerous.

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