Good morning year 1! Today we are going to continue our learning with numbers 1-100 looking at a hundred square! All children by the end of year 1 should be able to count to 100 forwards and backwards so please practice this at home.


Red group: To order numbers 1-20.

Please go on the Top marks website and choose the 1-20 option! Once you’ve played your game, can you write 1-20 independently in your book.

Orange, Yellow, Blue and Green group

With a grown up, can you complete these challenges below!

Can you find these numbers;

24, 65, 12, 72, 89, 37, 44

How many tens and ones are in each number?

Next, can you find one more and one less of the numbers above? Remember to find the original number first and then look left and right. Write them in your book!

Finally, what pattern can you see?

GD Challenge- Can you find 10 more and less than these numbers?

24, 65, 12, 72, 89, 37, 44

Please upload work to the correct class link below:




73 responses to “16.06.21- Y1 Maths home learning.”

  1. Nabiha I.

    Done. I have uploaded my homework pictures.

  2. Sidrah S.

    I did Tens and Ones in Maths

  3. Hamza

    I have uploaded my work.
    I can recognise a pattern that if we can see all the numbers and digits we can notice that tens are in a pattern of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9
    The ones digits are like 6,5,4,3,2,1,2,3,4 and 5 .
    The upper half of the numbers are adding 9 digits every time and the lower half is adding 11 digits every time.

    1. Miss Callard-Weller

      Wonderful Hamza! Are the numbers increasing or decreasing and how do you know?

  4. Ranj Manmi

    Ranj done his homework and uploaded.

  5. Jari V.

    I have uploaded my work.

  6. Tinuola T.

    I have uploaded my Maths.

    1. Mrs T

      Well done superstar! Your work is well presented and you have shown good understanding in your work.

  7. Hadiya M.

    I have done my work and my mum upload it.

    1. Mrs T

      Well done superstar! We look forward to seeing your work.

  8. Esa A.

    i have uploaded my work

    1. Mrs T

      Well done superstar! How many ones are in 47?

  9. Safwan A.

    I have done my work in my book.

    1. Mrs T

      Well done superstar! you have completed your work well at the top. However the way your layout is not clear at the bottom.

  10. Havin A.

    Havin has done her maths she didn’t have time to complete gold challenge as she wanted it posted by 3 15

    1. Mrs T

      Well done superstar! Take your time to complete your work. If your work is not displayed on that day, it will be done the following day.

  11. Jebrin Y.

    I have sent my work to the share point.

  12. Rayan Ma.

    I have completed my math work and uploaded it.

    1. Mrs T

      Well done Rayan! Well presented work as always. What is 1 less and 1 more than 101?

  13. Mya F.

    My has done her number line in her book and uploaded. Mya has play the coconut game a few aswell .

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