Year 6 WOW their PSHE visitors!

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On Tuesday, we were fortunate to have a visit from the company ‘Loudmouth’ who came to work with us about forming positive relationships and standing up to wrong actions both at school and home.

We are always proud of year 6, but on Tuesday we were especially proud, because they showed themselves to be thoughtful, engaged and mature whilst dealing with some very sensitive topics.

The Loudmouth team said to us “In five years of working with schools, our session with year 6 Broad Heath children was one of the best we have ever had!”

Year 6, what did you most enjoy about the session?

What did you learn?

Please make us proud with sensible and thoughtful comments.  Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Year 6 WOW their PSHE visitors!

  1. Hi Miss Saunders

    I really enjoyed working with loudmouth but my favorite part was the first drama which they performed.I learnt alot in this session for example i learnt that there are many company’s that can help you when you are stuck in a argument. For children it is called childline. For men it is called respect.

    I hope you liked my work..


  2. The thinking I enjoyed the most was when they were acting out the play.
    I learnt about what happing all over the would which is about bullying and how to solve it.We wrote most of the possibilities to solve the problem which had another word for it.We also learnt that stop means S=Several T=times O=on P=purpose.we learnt that kid bullying is very serious(like taking money from some one,not giving the personal space and being aggressive)This what I learnt hope you like reading it ;).

  3. In this session I really enjoyed watching their play.
    I have learned more new things about responsbilities, there are lots of saying BULLYING, such as: shouting,
    telling them what to do,
    making them really sad.

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