This week 6S have been looking at sculptures by Anthony Gormley. This inspired us to look at the Broad Heath sculpture near the main entrance.


We decided it represents the power of the written word and good writing at Broad Heath.

Then we thought about creating our own sculptures. If you could create any sculpture what would it be and where would you put it? What would it represent or symbolise? We’re looking forward to reading your ideas!

3 thoughts on “Sculptures!

  1. Hi miss saunders

    If i had a scuptor i would make it 45m tall and its withe would be 7 m.

    It would symbolise never giving up!!!
    It would be placed near a school or near a hospital.

    I chose this because many people just give up and when you dont give up and you take your time you will eventually get there.


  2. I would create a sport famous girl I will put it in america because some people like sports and they want to become famous it symbolise that never-ever give up try your best will be made of gold

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