Year 4 Thursday 16th Home Learning

Morning all, today we are going to continue looking at and researching Coventry.

Task 1: Create a persuasive leaflet on why people should visit coventry.

Remember you want people to visit our amazing city, show showcase all the amazing things to do here.

Task 2: Create your own ideal Coventry, draw a map to show this.

Task 3: Sketch the Coventry Cathedral.

46 thoughts on “Year 4 Thursday 16th Home Learning

  1. Task 1
    You should come to Coventry because there are so many things that you can see.In Coventry there is town in town there is many shops you can get so much stuff.So come to Coventry and see
    what’s there

  2. Task 1
    I will send a picture of my persuasive leaflet.
    Task 2
    I will send a picture of this.
    Task 3
    I have drawn the Coventry Cathedral.

  3. Task 1
    In Coventry the history is very interesting because many thing were information to learn about them which were WWW 2 and Lady Godiva.
    Also the attraction are lovely go while the parks garden are reopening.
    Shops, Restaurant and bars are where people can get thing to eat and eat in the restaurant and bar. Coventry is a very popular destination for food and. Our shops have something for everyone, from high street favourites to designer boutiques, independent retailers and vintage. When shopping in Coventry it is a unique type of shopping and exciting experience.
    Task 2
    I will send an email.

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