Year 2 Fabric Investigation

This week we carried out an exciting investigation as part of our Science work on ‘Materials: Good Choices’! We were trying to find out which fabric would be best for a toddler’s dungarees. We talked about how they often wear these to play in the garden and sometimes fall over!


Can you tell me how we carried out the investigation? Here is a picture to remind you!


photo 2


How did we keep the test fair? Watch the video for clues!

Can you tell me what happened?

photo 3

So what can we conclude? Which material was the most hardwearing? Which material would be best for a toddler’s dungarees?

11 thoughts on “Year 2 Fabric Investigation

  1. Denim is the most hard wearing material .We did our investigation by rubbing rock
    on fabric. Our fabrics were called polyester,Cotten and denim. ByAryan and Bethany.

  2. Julia and Leila.
    We conclude that denim was the hardestwearing.Denim was the most hardest to make a hole in it! Denim is the best for a dungarees.

  3. 1.We had to count how many rubs the fabrics took to make a hole.
    2.The denim was the most hard wearing.
    3.The best fabric for toddler’s is denim

  4. we were trying to find out wich material was suteble for dungarees.
    we found out that demin was the best material for dungarees because it is the hardwearing material.
    we were using a rock to find out wich material was best for dungarees.

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