Superhero Homework for RP this Week!

Have a look at this story

Your homework is below;

Green and Blue group:  Can you write a sentence to describe where the Giant lives? Don’t forget to use some adjectives. Can you write a sentence to tell me how you would feel if you met the Giant?

Yellow and Orange group: What words were used in the story to describe the giant?  Can you think of any other words to describe the Giant?

Red group: Why did jack sell the cow at the start of the story? He didn’t get any money for the cow. What did he get instead?


Now look at this picture.


Red group: How many leaves can you see? Can you add one more?  Now can you write the numbers from 1 to 10. Can you write them on a sheet of paper too and bring them to school please?

Yellow and Orange group: How many leaves would there be if the beanstalk had 2 more?  Can you add 2 more the these numbers and make a number sentence using + and = signs?  eg 5 + 2 = 7

5                              9                               7                           12.

Green and Blue group:  How many leaves would there be if I take away 5? Can you remember the symbol used for take away?

Here is a number sentence where the answer is 10.

3 + 7 = 10

I will give a prize to the person who can write the most number sentences where the answer comes to 10. Can you write them on a paper please and  bring them into school  on a piece of paper.

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  1. The giant lives in a enormous castle high in the sky. I would be very brave and not scared if i saw the huge giant he had massive hands and a big nose with huge feet.


  2. The giant lives in a castle. If I met the giant I will be very scared because he is big and scary.

    There are 10 leaves on the beanstalk. If you takeaway 5 leaves there will be 5 left. The symbol used is –

  3. Literacy-The giant was massive ,fat and very tall. If I met a enormous giant I would be terrified and really scared.The enormous ,big,and massive giant had a long ,tall ,grey castle.
    Maths-if there was 2 more leaves it would become 12.
    Number sentences to 10
    5 times2=10

  4. The giant lives in a very big castle.
    I felt scared when the giant came out!

    There is 10 leaves and when I take away 5 there is 5 left!

  5. The words used to describe the Giant were, fee, fi, form watch out everyone here I come. Other words to describe the giant, Grrrrrrrrrr here I come, I am the biggest of all!

    • Well done Adela. Can you think of any other adjectives to describe the giant? Did he have enormous, bushy eyebrows? Were his fingers long and hairy?

  6. The giant lives high up in the sky in a castle.
    To go to the giants house you need to climb up the strong green beanstalk.
    If I met the giant I would feel scared and shout for help and run.

    Maths homework:

  7. The giant lives at the top of the beanstalk. I would feel scared because the giant is very big compared to me. And if I take away 5 leaves from the beanstalk then there will be 5 leaves left. And the symbol for a take away is –

  8. Literacy
    The Giant lived in a big castle.
    If I met a giant, I would be scared because he is big and scary.

    10-5=5.There would five leaves left.

    Number sentences to 10.

  9. Literacy- Zoya has said the following ” The giant is big and he’s scary”
    Maths- Zoya has said “10 leaves” (total of leaves) Zoya tried very hard to add the leaves with 2 more which gave her a total of 12. We worked to find different ways of making 10 and we used shells for this. Zoya found 6+4=10 and 7+3=10. Well done Zoya

  10. I will be brave and not be scared, when I see a giant. The giant looks thick, tall and big.
    I will describe the giant as huge, enormous and gigantic.

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