19.05.20 4B Maths Home Learning

Hello Year 4, today your maths is going to be on learning by questions. Please look carefully at which task you have got to do as different children will have different tasks.

Group 1 – Ellie, Roma, Alisha, Eesa, Musab, Abdulah, Harris, James and Asilah. Code (11379)

Group 2 – Rest of Class. Code(11376)

Children in Group 2, you can have a go at group 1 task but will have to do both tasks.

25 thoughts on “19.05.20 4B Maths Home Learning

    • Well done. You struggled with this.
      The way I would have done it is convert the time into seconds 2m48s=168s then divide the number by 4.
      How many seconds did it take for each length?

    • You did but you had a lot of attempts at many questions.
      This one you had 16 tries at before getting it correct.
      The way I would have done it would be to convert the time in minutes to seconds.
      2m42s=162 seconds
      Then I would have subtracted the other time. What was the answer?

    • You look to shave struggled with a few and not completed the task. Maybe you could try task 1.
      This is one question you got wrong.
      To answer, convert the hours into minutes, then subtract the smaller amount from the larger to find the difference.

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