19.05.20 Year 1 Orange and Red Group Work.

Hello I hope your all well.Today you need to watch the story and answer the questions. Make sure you remember a capital letter at the beginning of your sentence and a full stop at the end.Names also need capital letters.

1)What was the name of the giant?

2)What did the giant buy from the shops?

3)What did the giant give the giraffe and why?

4)What did the giant give to the goat and why?

5)Who did the giant give his shoes to?

6)Why was the fox crying?

7)Why was the dog howling?

8)What was your favourite part of the story and why?

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  1. 1.The name of the giant is George.
    2.The giant bought from the shop, a shirt, a pair of trousers, a belt, a stripy tie, some socks with diamonds up the sides, and a pair of shiny shoes.
    3.The giant gave to giraffe his stripy tie,because it was sad and cold.
    4.The giant gave to the goat his new white shirt to help him sail again.
    5.The giant gave his shoe to a white mouse,because his house burned and his family had nowhere to live.
    6.The fox was crying because she dropped her sleeping bag in a puddle.
    7.The dog was howling because he was stuck in the mud and he could not get across.
    8.My favourite part of the story was when George the giant was happy to help all the animals, because at the end everybody was happy,including George.To help is nice.

    • 1 George was his name.
      2 George bought trouser shirt, belt, socks
      3 GEorge gave a tie because giraffe was cold
      4 George gave a shirt to goat
      5 To the mouse because there house was burnt.
      6 sleeping bag fell in the pond.
      7 the dog need to go across the path so george gave his belt.
      8 when GEorge bought new things for himself.

  2. Q1) The name of the giant was George .
    Q2)The giant brought a dress, socks and shiny shoes.
    Q3)He gave the giraffe a tie because his neck was cold .
    Q4) He gives his shirt to a goat who needs a sail for his boat.
    Q5) He gives one of his shoes to a little mouse and her babies as a new house.
    Q6)The fox was crying because his sleeping bag fell in pond.

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