1960’s adverts

This afternoon in Year 5 we have been learning about adverts in the 1960’s and creating our own.

Can you tell me: What is different about 1960’s adverts? What are some of the features?

Can you create your own advert for radio for:

  • Tie-Dye T-shirts
  • Colour Televisions
  • Space War (the first game)
  • The Beatles song – “Yellow Submarine”
  • The touch tone telephone.

Use your imagination and your key features.


12 thoughts on “1960’s adverts

  1. Have you had enough of going out in the cold just to send a letter? Well here’s a difference ,buy a phone and forget going out in the cold.
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  2. Are you tired of wasting your money ? Why not make your own shirt out of tie dye.

    Make it, wash it and wear it .It won’t be very hard to make.Much better than market clothes.just buy water and dye from the shop . It won’t be too much. It has every colour in the world.

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  11. Once you watch….

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