1960s adverts

Good afternoon year 5,


we have been exploring technological advances of the 1960s in our topic. Your challenge this afternoon is to write up a radio advertisement to persuade people from the 1960s to buy a television.


You must include all of the persuasive features discussed in today’s lesson.

Think about:

the tempting benefits

a snappy slogan

appealing adjectives

intriguing questions


I am looking forward to reading your work.

Miss Redhead

21 thoughts on “1960s adverts

  1. Don’t get bored. Why don’t you by a radio? It is red and powerful. It’s loud and it is clear , not rubbish. It has patterns all over it. Also it is colourful. This is your lucky chance to buy this radio. It is going to leave at 12:00.

  2. Do your T-shirts smell of poo, Do you think you need a new colorful shirt well your watching the right thing right now because we have made a new T-shirt and we have thought about what we are going to call it we have decided to call it TIE-DYE T-shirt.

    The reason we have decided to call it Tie-Dye T-shirt is because it is as if you are Dying your hair but you dye a t-shirt in different colours.

    IT IS ONLY £50

  3. Are you bored of your boring old television which is not coloured well guess what we are now bringing you your own coloured TV it will be fantastic you will get all your favourite channels and you get an all exclusive computer game that you can play on the TV without an Xbox or any thing like that.

    Now out and only for £210 and is now half price so please come and get your favourite TV that you will love.


    New technology are here now. The coloured TV which make you happier than ever. YES COLOURED!
    So if you are so tired watching on your black and white TV, this is your chance.
    Get it now for only £250.This price is 50% off. If you wanted to get a higher standard, you could get one today! It will be 4D!!! Wonderful. I have one ready, what about you?

    • Where’s your Tye Dye T-shirt?
      Today something new was realesed called Tye Dye shirt it is in every clothes stores!
      Why not go and join the fun, your life would be a complete misery if you don’t buy one if you go out in the streets the streets are filled with colour and delight. It would be a shame if you didn’t have one.

      Come on and buy yours now or else. If you don’t like the one’s that are in the clothes stores you can buy a plain white t shirt and a tye dye kit and get the instructions with the tye dye kit!

      just please buy it and join the fun!!!!

  5. Are you bored of playing the same computer game or reading the same thing all over again?
    We’ll today is your lucky day, because today we invented a brand new television. Imagine you and your loved ones

  6. Is your life disgraceful?
    Today is your lucky day to buy a a high standard television.

    Television will help your vision!
    Relax and enjoy your day of watching a colour TV. This TV will make your life even better. If you don’t buy this magnificent TV, you would not have a telegraphic TV. Watching with your friends, make sure you have a cup of tea.’wink’

    You will be able to learn things while chill-axing consequently you learn lots of things from the TV such as, information about famous people. You are very lucky to get a chance to buy this incredible TV.

    Make sure you buy it!!!

  7. Can you live without this television?
    If not,do you need something to brighten up your life?If you do, buy this wonderful television.This is the new latest television design.

    Buy this television otherwise your life won’t be complete.As soon as you buy this outstanding television you will be so happy it will look like your going to see the Beatles in a cocert.It is only £100.


    I bet you are that person that is fed up of boring black and white televisions . If you are that person, then come and buy the fabulouse new coulor tv .

    You should be dissapointed with us for not creating the first afordible, coulor tv earlyer . Dont be dissapointed any more because you can buy it now .

    Hurry and buy the televison now befor the stock is finnished ! GO TO THE SHOP ROGHT NOW ! Be the first to buy it.

    When you buy your tv you will be saying tv tv pleas dont leave me !

    Our tv is only £250 ,so buy it now . If you think that is good then carry on reading. you can buy a tv with a tie dye design on it for only £4 extra.

    Does it make your day ?

  9. Are you bored to death because of playing computer games over and over again?Not liking your go-go boots anymore?Well you would love to listen to this!

    An awesome T.V is out in store!These televisions are equipped with sound, wait for it! and pictures.There are cartoons which in that world any thing is possible.It’s most advanced in the world of technology.No more radio’s no more board games.THE TV WILL KEEP YOU BUSY!

    TV even aliens want it!

  10. Hello folks, I hope you have had a happy day because it is about to get better.Is your life boring?
    Well don’t look any further bcause the amazing, new, affordable TV has just came out, it’s the nations favourite thing.
    A brighter way to reality!
    If you buy this terrific TV, your life will change from black and white boringness to glamourous entertaining TV’s.

  11. Calling all shoppers all around the world, i am proud to anounce that a awesome, amazing tv has been produced in shops around you. So dont forget to pop down to a shop when ever you can, relax and enjoy the picture while you slerp on your cup of tea.

    As you relax watch the amazing, epic, awesome and radical picture, are you canvinced yet if you are go and run to the shop now!

  12. Hello listeners. I hope you have had a pleasent evening because its about to get better.The brand new T.V is out in stores and it’s heading to your town.If you like the radio you would love this new affordable colour T.V.

    These T.Vs are equipped with the best graphics in the world! If your going to get one where will you watch it

    A T.V a day keeps boringness away

  13. Hey Folks.
    Are you tired of reading the same thing over and over again? Then why not buy a T.V.Its the most relaxing thing ever invented.Its totally worth it. If you know what I mean.Plus if you want to watch something else then just press the magic button on the enchantedremote and PRESTO, it changes the programe on the television.
    If your listening to this, go to the food market (I mean the t.v market) and buy a T.V before anyone else does.



  14. Is your life disgraceful?
    Today is your lucky day to buy a a high standard television.

    Television will help your vision!
    Relax and enjoy your day of watching a colour TV. This TV will make your life even better. If you don’t buy this magnificent TV, you would not have a telegraphic

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