1A have been learning how to brush their teeth!

During Stay and Play 1A have been learning how to brush their teeth properly. They had a visit from the Colgate ‘Tooth Defenders’ and each child had a free tooth brush and tooth past to take home. Watch the video below and see if you can answer the following questions using full sentences about how to brush your teeth properly and is also important the visit of a dentist from the dentist Gold coast which are experts on this. There is an app you can download on your home iPads, tablets and smart phones to help you brush your teeth at home – Aquafresh Brush Time.

1. Why is it important to brush your teeth?
2. How many times a day do you have to brush your teeth?
3. How much toothpaste should you use?
4. Who do you visit to look after your teeth?
5. How many minutes should you brush your teeth for?
6. Can you list 4 foods that are good for your teeth and 4 foods that are bad for your teeth?
7. Can you make a ‘How to brush your teeth’ poster?

Use the video below to help you remember to brush your teeth for 2 minutes.

6 thoughts on “1A have been learning how to brush their teeth!

  1. 1:It is important to brush your teeth because you don’t want to get your teeth dirty.
    2:you need to brush your teeth two times.
    3:A bit of toothpaste.
    4:The dentist.
    5:two minutes.

  2. 1) So it does not go brown and dirty.Also to keep them clean and shiny.

    2) You brush your teeth twice a day.

    3)You put a pinch of toothpaste just like a pea.

    4)You see the Dentist to keep your teeth clean.

    5) You should brush them for two minutes.

    6) cheese,fruit,veg and milk are good for you.
    cholcate,fizzy drinks,donaghts and ice cream

  3. 1.Because to keep my teeth clean and shinning.
    2. Two times.
    3. A pinch of paste.
    4.The dentist.
    5.2 minutes.
    6.Good foods.
    Apples ,Bananas,Carrots,Grapes.
    Bad foods.
    Chocolate,sweets,Burgers,Fizzy drinks.

  4. 1. Because it keeps your breath fresh and clean and its good for oral health.
    2.You should brush your teeth two times a day.
    3. You have to put on just the right amount of toothpaste.
    4.We have to visit the dentist for looking after our teeth.
    5.You have to brush your teeth for two minutes.
    6.Four foods that are good for your teeth are bananas, cabbages, apples, pears and four things that are bad for your teeth are chocolate, toffee, bubble gum, cakes.

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