1A Map Reading Challenge!

Hi 1A,
In topic this half term we have been developing our map reading skills. Click on the picture and find directions to the different addresses below. In the comments box can you tell me how long it would take to get to these places if you were walking from school?

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1. Barclays Bank

535 Foleshill Road

Coventry CV6 5QJ
2. McDonald’s

Gallagher Retail Park
Stoney Stanton Road
Coventry, West Midlands CV6 5QE
3. Post Office Ltd

254-260 Stoney Stanton Road
Coventry CV1 4FR
4. Coventry Transport Museum

Millennium Place
Hales Street
Coventry CV1 1JD
5. Sainsbury’s Petrol Station

Austin Drive
Court House Green Pfs
Coventry CV6 7NS
6. Tesco Extra

Phoenix Way
Longford Road
Coventry, West Midlands CV6 6AS
7. Foleshill Library

Broad Street
Coventry, West Midlands CV6 5BG

One thought on “1A Map Reading Challenge!

  1. 1.14 minutes0.6 miles
    2.19 minutes0.8
    3.11 minutes0.5 miles
    4.29 minutes1.4 miles
    5.23 minutes1.1 miles
    6.45 minutes2.1 miles
    7.2 minutes0.3 miles

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