1A Plant Detectives

1A have been Plant Detectives this afternoon. They have been learning about different flowers and plants and went into the school grounds to identify wild flowers. The children then recorded their findings in their Science books and talked about the similarities and differences between the flowers they found.


Can you find research these wild plants online and write a piece of information about them. Think about where you can find these plants. What do they look like? Do they smell? Are the poisonous? Can you compare these plants and identify their similarities and differences?

The flowers are: Buttercups, Daisies, Poppies and Thistles.

buttercup daisy poppies thistle


7 thoughts on “1A Plant Detectives

  1. Daisy-The petals of a daisy attract insects towards it as the same as other flowers.you find these in fields.
    Poppies-Poppies have red petals and black at the center it can also be used for when people die in the war.They are found in fields.

  2. if you whant to plant a flower you need compost to put in a pot and get a seed make a hole put the seed in water it wate for it and it gross.

  3. Well done Farhaan and Michael. We’ve had a lovely afternoon, working outside in the sun, even if we did have to hold onto our books. We really enjoyed looking for wild flowers. We found a few wild flowers and focused on there differences and similarities. Thinking about our topic can you tell me where you would find poppies?

  4. Buttercups are yellow,small and sometimes glow.Buttercups are not poisonous.
    Daisies have white petals and a yellow bit in the middle.Daisies are not poisonous.
    Poppies have red petals and are black in the middle. You can wear poppies.Also, you might find them where people have died in the war. Poppies are not poisonous.
    Thistles have a spiky, green stem and a purple flower on the top. Thistles are not safe to close to because they might be poisonous.

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