1A Sports Day

It is sports day next Tuesday 30th June at 1:15 on the school field. Below is your child’s team for sports day. On this day your child will need to wear a T-Shirt of this colour and their sports kit. Please note that your child must wear trainers or pumps that fit them – if they do not they may not be able to take part in the races!

Red Team

Ayaan     Qasim     Miriam     Farhaan    Azan     Uzair     Summer     Daniel


Blue Team

Omar     Jayakar    Khadijah    Zuzanna    Ianis    Hadisa    Maria    Jessica    Mariam    Saif     Michael


Green Team

Habbi     Yahya    Kenzzie     Humzah     Amelia    Aliko      Suardo     Anora    Rahma


Yellow Team

Mediha      Jouri

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