1A Weekend Challenge!

Hi 1A!

I have a challenge for you…


Can you watch the video below of the story ‘Mamba and the Crocodile Bird’ and identify the repeated pattern in the story?


Can you use the structure from this story to write your own story in the same style just like we did with the story ‘Farmer Duck’ this week in school?



16 thoughts on “1A Weekend Challenge!

  1. In England there was a sparkly river. I was with my mum and dad. I catched the fish my mum and dad and sisters and brother helped me. Then we took the fish home. Mum said the fish is going to be tasty. Dad said the fish is going to be tasty. My sisters said the fish is going to be tasty. My brother said it will be tasty to. My mum and dad cooked the fish and we all ate it. Snap my dad had a bite of the fish. Snap snap snap my mum and sisters and brother ate all of it. Snap I ate the fish and then my tooth fell out. That night I put my tooth under my pillow and the tooth fairy left me money and took my teeth with her.

  2. One sunny and tropical day me,my mum,my dad were in the river,we scanned for food.I saw a little fish .Snap,snap,I snap it.Bad boy why did ate the little fish then i saw a bird snap.My teeth started hurting .I went somewhere else I saw a giraffe.I bellowed my teeth hurts can you help. I saw a lion my teeth hurts I said.After that I saw a eagle how can I help you said the eagle.My teeth are hurting. The eagle cleaned my teeth .That feel’s better.I went back to mum and dad.

  3. Repeated patten:how are you
    One hot day in a river me my mum and my dad in the river we were looking for some food. I saw a fish,I snapped it .My mum saw a bird, my mun snaped It.My dad saw sea snake he ate it in one snap.then my teeth started to hurt.Then I got out of the river I went into the woods then I saw a wolf I said my tee th is hurting.
    I saw a tiger I said my teeth is hurting.then I saw a lion then I said my teeth is hurting then the lion cleaned my teeth.then I was better.then I went Back to the river.

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