1B Home Learning 05.07.21

Happy Monday! Here is your work for today, I am very excited to see your wonderful work!

Daily morning registration zoom: 9.30am every morning!

Link: https://zoom.us/j/97075179194

Password clue: What is the frog called that we use in phonics? Capital letter at the start of his name.


Please watch the teach:


  1. With your adult, play the game Simon Says using our key vocabulary ‘before‘ and ‘after‘ and upload a video to the link at the bottom of the blog. See examples below:

Simon says clap your hands before touching your toes. Simon says touch your nose after doing a half turn.

2. Put the days of the week below in the correct order in your homework book:

Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, Monday, Sunday, Wednesday, Friday

3. Tell an adult what you did yesterday using morning, afternoon and evening.


Write sentences about the days of the week using the vocabulary, before and after. Example- Tuesday is before Wednesday.


Please watch the teach:


Red group: Read the recount and then answer the questions below.

Orange and Yellow group: Read the recount and answer the questions below.

Blue and Green group: read the recount and answer the questions.

Questions– What was your recount about? What did they do on their activity? Did they enjoy their day? What did you like or not like about your recount? Answer the questions in your homework book.

GD Challenge: Find your work on Education City. It is a reading comprehension task called ‘By the Brook’.


This half term we have been learning to program a bee-bot looking at algorithms to make them move across maps. Use the game below to develop your skills, have fun!



Today we are exploring what we are excited about going into year 2! What are you excited to learn? What are you excited to do? What are you looking forward too? Is there anything you are worried about? Please send me a video to the above email address!

Once you have completed your work, please leave a comment on the blog and upload your videos and pictures to the share point link below!


Daily challenge:

*Read your reading book.
*Practise your Week 4 spellings.

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