1B Transition Day

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Hi 1B,

I hope you had a lovely time in 2B today. I have put a quick video together so you can remember what you did.



I have a couple of questions for you:

What will be our new class mantra?

What are most looking forward to when you are in 2 Blue next year?


5 thoughts on “1B Transition Day

  1. I am so proud of the fantastic progress all of 1 Blue have made and I know you will continue this in 2 Blue! Keep having fun and learning.😊

  2. Sailing the ship of success will be our mantra in yr2.
    Im looking forward to learning new things and enjoying work activities and school.

  3. I know that you had a great time (as did Mr Carter and Mrs Chapman). I feel proud of what you have achieved in the two terms that Mrs Shergill and I have been your teachers. You will continue to make progress because you want to learn and support each other. I will be popping in on a regular basis to ensure that you are sailing the ship of success.

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