1Blue – G7 – Wednesday

Today, we continued to learn about the G7 and their commitment to tackling pollution and climate change.
Please check out the video and pictures to see what the children got up to.

Today the children spoke why they had special friends and all of a sudden, they were separated by the Berlin Wall!’ They didn’t like the divide so they broke the wall and reunited!

The children created brilliant posters to encourage others to recycle. Some children did some litter picking to make our local environment look clean and tidy. Finally, Green group created an informational video on why they recycle and why you should too!

The children put recycling into practise by creating pencil pots using tin cans – they look brilliant! Well done everyone!

What did you enjoy taking part in today? Share a comment below 👍🏼

6 thoughts on “1Blue – G7 – Wednesday

  1. Super star our 1 Blue children!
    You understood well about the Berlin Wall and you all enjoyed talking about your special friends and how friends are important to everyone.
    Thank you for picking up the litter and keeping our local environment clean and tidy. Well done 1 Blue!

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