1Blue home learning- 06.07.21

Happy Tuesday! Well done for engaging in the blog yesterday! Mrs Patel and I loved looking at all your work! Let’s continue making progress and look at todays learning. Work to be uploaded by 4pm to be shown on the gallery!

Daily morning registration zoom: 9.30am every morning!

Link: https://zoom.us/j/97075179194

Password clue: What is the frog called that we use in phonics? Capital letter at the start of his name.

Maths: To use the vocabulary ‘before’ and ‘after’.

Please watch the teach:


Red group– Verbally discuss the pictures with the vocabulary and complete the challenge.

Red challenge-

Draw a picture of what you do before school.

Orange, yellow, blue and green group– Write the statements and state whether it’s before or after dinner.

Challenge: Tell an adult how you wash your hands using ‘first’, ‘then’ and ‘now’.

GD Challenge:

English: To identify the features of a recount.

Please watch the teach:

Activities: Using the same recounts as yesterday, write the features of the recount in your homework book.

Red group-

Orange and yellow group-

Blue and green group-

What time words are in your recount?

What powerful verbs do you have?

Is it in the past tense?

Are the events in order?

GD Challenge: Do you have any subordinate clauses in your recount?

Subordinate clauses task skill burst to print off activity


Please watch the teach:

Activity- Sort out the trees in a table in your homework book.

GD Challenge: Explain the meaning of ‘evergreen’ and ‘deciduous’. You could use a dictionary.




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  1. What time words are in your recount?
    Yesterday, First, Next, Then, Finally
    What powerful verbs do you have?
    Stomping, and exciting.
    Is it in the past tense?
    Yes because it says yesterday.
    Are the events in order?
    Yes because the time verbs are in order.

  2. English :
    **What time words are in your recount?
    yesterday, first, next, then, finally
    **What powerful verbs do you have?
    looked, started
    **Is it in the past tense?
    **Are the events in order?
    yes they are in order.

    • Super star Jari! I am very proud of you, I can tell you tried so hard with your handwriting! Keep an eye on your letter size :)

    • Well done superstar!
      What colour are the leaves of an evergreen tree?
      Can you tell me a recall of what you did yesterday in the morning?
      What is a verb?

  3. Dj has completed all but half of English today I have a poorly little girl who wants my attention so I’m focusing on her now. i will help him complete the rest of English later on when I have abit of spare time again, The work that’s complete has been uploaded .

  4. English
    1. The time words in my recount are;
    First, next, soon, then, a while later and finally.
    2. The powerful verbs are;
    Chased, jumped and crashed.
    3. It is in the past tense.
    4. The events are in order.

    ( faris needed some help with this )

  5. Maths
    We discussed the pictures and faris matched the correct pictures ( after a few attempts and a bit of help )
    He said he has breakfast before he goes to school. ( he didn’t want to draw!)

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