1Blue- Home learning 07.07.21

Happy Wednesday! Let’s continue making our super progress in our learning! This blog will be taken down at 0945 and back at 1230 after you have completed your fun transition activities with Miss Ramsell and Mrs Mattu!

Daily morning registration zoom: 9.30am every morning!

Link: https://zoom.us/j/97075179194

Password clue: What is the frog called that we use in phonics? Capital letter at the start of his name.


Maths: To recognise and answer questions on the days of the week.

Please watch the teach:


Activities: Answer the questions in your homework book.

Red group-

Orange, yellow, blue and green group


GD Challenge

English: To segment and blend.

Please watch the teach:

Blog to remind us of the trip: https://www.broadheath.coventry.sch.uk/1blue-trip-to-herbert-art-gallery-21-05-21/

Activities: Put the sentences in the right order using our segmenting and blending. The sentences are not in the right order, use the numbers to put them in the correct order. Your numbers will not be in order when finished.

Red group-

Orange and yellow group-

Blue and green group-

Please upload your work below:



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  1. Explain to shumiyah and she gave me this answers
    1) Ben went shopping on Thursday
    2) Ben went to gran’s house on Sunday
    3) Ben has PE on Monday and Friday.

  2. Maths
    1. Kim’s birthday is on the 12th of June.
    2. Kim’s birthday was on Friday.
    3. Her football match was on the 7th of June.

    The sentences order is:

    • Brilliant recount Toleen about your trip! You have also shown a good understanding in your maths today. Can you tell me a recount of what you did today?

  3. 1. Kim’s birthday is on the 12 of June.
    2. Her bithday was on Friday.
    3.Her football match was on 7 June.
    I have uploaded my English work.

  4. I discussed this with faris and he gave me his answers ….
    1. Ben went shopping on Thursday.
    2. Ben went to gran’s house on Sunday.
    3. Ben has PE on Monday and Friday.

Find out more information on trips for next year here.