1Blue- Home learning 08.07.21

IMPORTANT- You must bring in your money for the year 1 trip on Monday 12th as the trip is Tuesday 13th!

Happy Thursday! Let’s continue making our super progress in our learning!

Daily morning registration zoom: 9.30am every morning!

Link: https://zoom.us/j/97075179194

Password clue: What is the frog called that we use in phonics? Capital letter at the start of his name.

Maths: To tell the time to the hour.

Please watch the teach:

Activities: Send in a video and picture to the link.


  1. Use a clock in your house and make different times to the hour and state what time you made. For example, make 9 o’clock on your clock at home and say what time you made.

2. Draw a clock with the correct numbers and hands.

English: To use the past tense in speech.

Please watch the teach:

Activity- Send a video to the link below.


Please watch the teach:


Make either a city or a countryside model! You can use anything in your home to make it, be as creative as you can! Then, present your model stating the features, use the word maps below.

Please upload your work below:



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  1. MATHS
    Esa told me time on the clock.
    other activity is on the paper.
    he did his work in his homework book.
    i have uploaded the pic.

  2. Hi just let you know Shumiyah she not feeling well she got bad cold and fever that’s why she can’t join the zoom call and she missing her homework aswell I try my best to do home work..

  3. Dj is not well so won’t be joining in on registration this morning and we will do work as and when he feels up to it throughout the day .
    We have done the lft test and it’s negative so feel it’s his usuall illness .

Find out more information on trips for next year here.