1Blue- Our fabulous week!

This week 1Blue have been completing Art, English and Maths activities based on the book ‘Look Up’! We really enjoyed seeing all our friends again and working together to have the best week, see below for some of our amazing activities!
Well done 1Blue, you are amazing and I am looking forward to seeing you on Monday, have a lovely weekend!

20 thoughts on “1Blue- Our fabulous week!

  1. I liked seeing my friends again and meeting my new teachers. I Loved listening to the story and making rockets . I loved playing on the adventure playground. This week we had fun I loved it .😍🥰.

  2. 1 Blue you never cease to amaze me!
    You surely have had a fantastic week full
    of fun and super learning.

    Keep gaining and shining bright 🌟

  3. Oh my goodness me 1Blue I love your spat pictures!! It’s great to get in there and get a little bit messy. I’m so pleased you have all settled in well had enjoyed your first week back to school. I know your going to have a great year with your new teachers.

  4. WOW 1Blue
    I am so impressed and proud with your learning first week back to school. you have so many different skills you have shown the teachers eg speaking, listening and your Creative skills of which the photographs shows the evidence. I enjoyed listening to your discussion about what you enjoyed this week using some lovely vocabulary. Well done to,everyone.

  5. Ashtons quote :::” i love blowing bubbles in the paint ,if you drink the paint it will make your tummy hurt so it’s not allowed …but splatting paints is messy and gets all over people I dont like the paint splat …I love normal things …adventure playground is normal things:::

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