1Blue Phonic zoom 04.02.21- Important

Hello 1Blue! You have been doing so well with your phonics that Mrs Patel and I will be doing 1:1 phonic catch ups with all of you on Thursday 4th February! The password is the same as the other zoom meetings with a capital letter at the start.

What colour are the chairs in 1Blue?

There is a 30 minute time slot for each colour group, you will have to wait your turn but be patient as we will let you in!

Red group: 0900-0930


Orange group: 0930-1000


Yellow group: 1000-1030


Blue group: 1200-1230


Green group: 1230-1300


Remember you MUST wait your turn as we are letting you into the zoom one by one! Looking forward to seeing you Thursday!

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