1Blue project week: 02.11.2020

Welcome back 1Blue! I hope you had a lovely half term, I am very excited to have you back in school ready to learn!
This week we are completing our project week focusing on Maths and Science, we have such a fun book which we are focusing on! The book is called: Pirates Love Underpants!

Monday 2nd November 2020

Today we read the book as a class and did some drama/role play creating our own actions to recall the story! We then answered questions based on the story in our books.

In Maths we looked at 3D shapes and focused on naming the shapes. Some of our friends went on a treasure hunt around our fabulous school looking for all the 3D shapes.

In the afternoon, we focused on the concept of sinking and floating! We had lots of fun completing an experiment with different objects!

We also worked independently focusing on how much treasure weighs, building our own pirate ship and comparing length with our peers and we designed our own ship!

Tuesday 3rd November

Today we did some DT and designed our own pirate ship which we will test tomorrow in our school pond. We worked in teams using our teamwork and imagination using all the rubbish you all bought in. Thank you for bringing that in!

Wednesday 4th November

Today we continued our pirate ship journey testing our boats that we built! First we worked in our teams to discuss which pirate ship would be the best! Then we went to the outdoor pond and tested whether our ships would sink or float. We then checked how many ‘golden underpants’ the ships would hold, we used cubes as the pirates didn’t want to share!

Afterwards, we discussed how we could improve the designs of our pirate ships to stay a float and to hold more ‘golden underpants’, we discussed the materials they were made out of and the properties needed to make the best ship for the pirates!

Friday 6th November

Today we have had lots of fun! In Maths, we looked at how to create patterns and what a pattern is. We used 2D and 3D shapes to create a pattern using paint and drawing around them! We had lots of fun creating pants for the pirates!

We continued our work with number bonds to 10, check out our video where we are working as a team to create number bonds using cubes and a tens frame!

This afternoon, we designed our pirate ships again using the knowledge we have learnt this week! We created flags and maps to go with our ships!

Please practice week 1 spelling which can be found on the spelling blog for the first test next Friday 13th!

25 thoughts on “1Blue project week: 02.11.2020

  1. Wow, I love all the videos and photos.
    I wish I was at school for these fun activities.
    I have listened to the Pirate story with my mum and brother.
    Well done to all my class.

    • Emil you will get your homework book next week. Spellings are already on the blog dated 4th November for Autumn 2 which you can start practising.
      Thank you
      See you on Monday

    • I’m super pleased to hear you enjoyed this week! No homework this week that starts on Friday 13th, please practice your spellings this week (found on the spelling blog), have a lovely weekend!

  2. Ashton has been very excited talking about his day ….using lots of descriptions about how he made his ship and holding the big sphere and using the tip tip tipper scales😄

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