1Blue- Super English 16.09.2020

Today, 1Blue continued learning about adjectives by developing our amazing speaking and listening skills! We looked at objects in the classroom and thought all about how to describe them using amazing adjectives. We created a super video of us all describing objects in the classroom and saying a simple sentence!
We certainly aimed high and dreamed big today!

Check out our fabulous video below…

Can you find objects in your home 1Blue and describe them using the amazing adjectives we looked at today?

15 thoughts on “1Blue- Super English 16.09.2020

  1. Electricity is very helpful.
    My bed is comfortable and bouncy.
    The carpet is soft.
    My cats are cute and fluffy.
    My ceiling is yellow and my walls are white.
    The wardrobe is hard.
    The stones are beautiful.
    The plants are green and purple.
    The light bulb is bright.

  2. 1, The toy box is very big. 2, The trike has 3 wheels and it’s heavy . 3, The balloon is big and blue . 4, The baskets are dark grey . 5, The cushion is round and furry .

  3. 1. The painting is sparkling and shiny.
    2. The table is black.
    3. My sister is beautiful.
    4. The TV is flat.
    5. The mirror is shiny.
    6. My hair is brown.

  4. The clock is big and shining.
    The plant is green and spiky.
    The fridge is cold.
    My trampoline is big and bouncy.
    The crisp are crunchy.
    The yogurt is pink creamy and cold.

  5. The piano is white and black.
    The curtains are grey, silver and long.
    The toy car is orange, black and small.
    The cushion is round and grey.
    The flowers are pretty.

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