1Blue well-being day: 07.05.21

WOW! What a day we have had! You have had such fun with all your wonderful activities, let’s see what you did!

First we made dolly peg dolls as we are looking at toys in our history Topic, you had such fun creating them!

We then went swimming, what an amazing time today!

Along with all this fun, check out our super spellers who got full marks this week in their spelling test!

Lastly, we had such an amazing time playing games outside with our friends today! We played six different games in groups with different members of staff!

7 responses to “1Blue well-being day: 07.05.21”

  1. Shumiyah H.

    I had so much fun i love swimming

  2. Yusuf S.

    I loved Well-being Day – I had such a fun time. Thank you teachers

  3. Esa A.

    it was fun.

  4. Ruo H.

    Thank you for these games I enjoyed it thank you😄.

  5. Eliza N.

    Thank you for a great well-being day I had so much fun . I loved it🥰

  6. Faris B.

    I had so much fun ! I love swimming in the pool 😊

  7. Ashton L.

    What a super fun day 🙂

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