1Blue Well-Being Day

1Blue have had a wonderful well-being day today.
The children have developed an understanding of our school grounds and how to keep our area clean and beautiful. The children shared how to recycle and made a lovely booklet to show their creativity♻️.
Mrs Janjua, you are simply the BEST! The children LOVED working with you.

The children finally made their ’terrific toy!’ They even raced their toy against their friends!

In the afternoon, for stay and play, the children made Fathering Sunday cards! The children wrote affirmations and explained why they are simply the BEST!

PSHE – Thinking about contributing to our school environment.

Design Technology – the children completed their ’terrific toys!’ They had a toy race with their friends!

Making Cards – Fathering Sunday Cards!

What did you enjoy taking part in today and why?

6 thoughts on “1Blue Well-Being Day

    • Wow what can I say. I had an amazing time teaching you 1B. You are fabulous. You worked so hard listening and creating your very own well being booklet. Thank you for being so wonderful and working as a team. You certainly gave some super ideas on how to improve our school. I hope you have been checking in on your plants? 🙂🙂👍🏽

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