1Blue zoom: End of term celebration 11.02.21

Good afternoon year 1! Tomorrow we will be having our end of term celebrations in our final zoom of the half term!

It will a whole class zoom so you can all see your friends!

Time: 1100am


Meeting ID: 976 8220 3236

Password: What colour are the chairs in 1Blue? Capital letter at the start.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

11 thoughts on “1Blue zoom: End of term celebration 11.02.21

  1. Sorry we missed it ….thought it was tomorrow …have a good half term ….ashton read a book using his blending skills without my support yesterday 🥰

    • Hi, the clue for the password was on the blog which Shumiyah should of known, I am sorry we couldn’t get to see her smiley face!

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