1E go around the world!


Hi 1E! Next week we will be taking part in lots of exciting activities with a focus on a country.

Take a look at the map. The country we will be learning about is coloured in orange. Can you tell me what country it is? Does it look near to England or is it far away?

Can you use Google to find out some exciting facts about the country? Write them on this blogpost so we can read them together on Monday morning.

I am so excited to see what you find and I can’t wait for the fun learning we will be doing next week. :)





16 thoughts on “1E go around the world!

  1. Oslo is, the capital city of Norway. The language that they speak, is Norwegian.The surrounding countrys are Sweden Finland Russia and very close is Iceland.Norway is very close to England.

  2. The country is Norway, the capital city of Norway is Oslo.In Oslo the people speak Norwegian. Oslo is the big largest city in Norway

  3. Well done to everyone who has answered the questions! What animals come from Norway? Who can describe a troll? We learnt about Norwegian trolls today. There is a surprise in the classroom for you!

  4. The country coloured in orange is Norway.

    Oslo is the capital city of Norway.

    It takes about 2 hours to travel to Norway from London on an aeroplane.

    It is very cold in Norway.

    There are polar bears in Norway.

    Norway is very good at Winter Olympics.

  5. The country is Norway.
    Norway is next to Sweden, Finland and Russia.
    Norway is far.
    The flag of Norway is red, blue and white.
    People of Norway speak norwegian.

  6. Facts about Norway

    Population: 5,156,451 inhabitants (as of 1 October 2014)
    Capital city: Oslo
    Languages: Norwegian bokmål, Norwegian nynorsk and Sami
    Currency: Norwegian kroner (NOK)

  7. The country is called Norway. I think it is near England. We can travel by ship and an aeroplane. The capital city of Norway is called Oslo. The language they in Norway is Norwegian. The estimation population of Norway is about 4.9 million.

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