1E Weather!

As part of our Autumn and Winter topic in Science, this week we have been looking at different weather and how it changes throughout the seasons.

We learnt that there are scientists that research the weather around the world. This information is put on the news or on the internet and is called a forecast.

On Wednesday we pretended to be weather scientists and used the iPads to research the current weather for different parts of the UK. Have a look at our weather report to see what the weather is!




What is the weather in Cornwall? 

Why do we need to know what the weather forecast for the week is?

What is the weather like in Autumn? How does it change in Winter?

6 thoughts on “1E Weather!

  1. 1. Its foggy in Cornwall.

    2. so you can decide on what to wear and plan the days ahead.

    3. In Autumn the weather is windy, rains alot, leaves fall and turn red and orange.
    Winter – It gets colder and chilly. You need to wear hats, gloves, and scarf. It also snows.

  2. 1.its foggy in cornwall.
    2.We need to know weather forecast so that we know what the weather going to be and we can prepare ourself according to weather and we can make oyr next day plan also.
    3.In autumm its very windy and rainy.All leaves from tress falls down and leaves turns brown.
    In winter its very cold and sometimes very foggy also. In winters there is a chance of snowfall also and i love playing with snow.

  3. Wow 1E, I am very impressed with your weather reports. You all spoke beautifully and used the correct vocabulary. Keep it up Miss Sargents Superstars!

  4. 1. It is foggy in Cornwall.
    2. We need a forecast so we know what weather it is and what clothes we should wear.
    3. The weather in autumn is windy and cold and the leaves are falling down, also the leaves are changing color and you might need a coat. In winter you need a hat,gloves, scarf and it snows.It is really cold in winter.

  5. It’s foggy in Cornwall.

    Because the weather forecast is important for us to prepare our self and is a idea of what the forecast states for the week.

    In Autumn the weather gets cooler,it often rains. The weather is cloudy, the days become shorter and the nights longer.The leaves fall down off the trees. The leaves turn red,brown and orange.

    In Winter the weather gets really chilly,windy, foggy and frost in the morning and its snows.

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