1Red – Famous Coventrian Week

Another fun-filled day in 1Red!
The children will be learning about George Singer who was famous for creating bicycles in the 1890’s.

First, the children learnt about our wonderful city, Coventry. The children identified what country we live in and also shared which area we live in too.
After that, in table teams, the children identified and named famous Coventry landmarks and popular attractions!

The children then ordered the pictures of bikes in chronological order. Most of the children could do this correctly on their first try but overall, they did a good job!

Next, the children showed off their excellent speaking and listening skills by becoming sellers. They were tasked to sell the bike using persuasion skills. They were fantastic!

This afternoon was even more fun-filled!
The children carried out some fieldwork. They were asked to tally how many bikes they could see on Stoney Stanton Road. They did a fantastic job!

Furthermore, for round robin, the children enjoyed sketching George Singer’s house, explored Google Earth to find lots of different places in Coventry and they enjoyed labelling an actual bike!
So much progress was made today. Well done, 1Red!

What did you learn today?

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