Y6 1st May 2020 Inspiration

Good Morning Year 6, I hope you are all safe and well. The sun is out and it is the start of a new month. We have shown perseverance and resilience. We can hope for better days to come.

Sending you my two pictures and as you all know now I look forward to your quotes for the second picture.

Have a lovely weekend and keep washing those hands and keeping the distance.

41 thoughts on “Y6 1st May 2020 Inspiration

  1. My quote for today is “you are so below the stairs that you are in the dark but you can reach the very top of the stairs with determination and perseverance” and that’s my quote for today.

  2. Hi guys hope all is well with you. My quote for the picture is …

    Stay hopefully as the darkness will pass and the future will be brighter!

    Remain positive Year 6 and together we will come out stronger as a team!

  3. Hi miss Janjua, how are you?, here is my quote for today ” If you intend to climb the ladder of success you must acknowledge that you cannot do it when you are in the costume of doubt “

  4. Hi Miss😀. My quote for today is:
    “No matter how dark it is, there is always a way out and light waiting for you to find it.”
    This is my quote because the room in the picture is dark. However, there is a laser and a light waiting to be found so the dark days end.

    • Hi Sean, i cErTaInLy missed yOu! Quarantine has been quite boring without any of my classmates to brighten up my day. Anyway, my quote is:
      The ladder of
      is best climbed by stepping on the wings of

      My quote is trying to say, that when good opportunity’s come your way, you should take them and observe?! >_< -._-. ( _\)
      Btw, i miss you guys lots! Hope your doing well! c:

  5. “Darkness cannot kill darkness…. only light can.”
    I have chose this quote because you can only kill evil with the good.
    I hope you are all safe and healthy👍🏻😊☺️Miss you x

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