This half term we are learning about Celebrations during our History lessons. In English, we have been writing instructions to make divas and soon we will write the story of Rama and Sita!

To help bring our learning to life, we had a very special ’Diwali Day’! The children made such fantastic efforts with their outfits. Well done 1W!

We listened to Hindu worship music called Aarti.

We were lucky enough to visit the Hindu temple (Mandir).

We created Rangoli patterns, just like the ones we saw in the temple.

We began a new D&T unit with Mr Mahmood, learning about ‘Moving Pictures’.

CHALLENGE: Tell me what you have learnt about Diwali.


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  1. Wow, Year 1 team! I’m super proud of you all. I can see that the children have gained so much as well as learnt about different cultures and they have shown great respect throughout. Respect is one of our main school values and it was wonderful to see both adults and children displaying it.
    Well done Superstars. 😊

  2. Hindus go to the temple and pray to their God. They eat barfi and make different rangoli patterns. I had lots of fun dancing with my friends.

  3. I learned that on diwali hindu go to temple and do the prayer.I also make barfi and saw colureful rangoli patterns.we painted fireworks and really enjoed.

  4. I went to the temple, learnt about diwali, how to put diya on, there was rangoli colours, and you how they pray to god. And how to make mithai barfi.

  5. Wow, I just like to say we all have had a lovely Diwali day. All children enjoyed all the set activities and they certainly enjoyed their visit to the Hindu Temple. I am so proud of all year 1 children for respecting and behaving well at the temple. You all gained a lot year 1 children and thank you Mrs. J. Patel for organising the trip to temple.

  6. What a beautiful blog showcasing all the fun that Y1 have had on Diwali Day! You all looked fantastic and were so excited to take part in so many brilliant activities. A special thank you goes to Mrs J Patel for organising the trip to the Temple. The children gained so much and were so enthused with what they experienced. 🪔

  7. I learnt about fireworks and how to to make barfi.. I made a divas that’s was really interesting.. we went to temple that was really nice to see goddess

  8. It’s lights of festival there are colourful rangoli patterns.Hindus go to temple and there pray for god .so we are learning more regionals .

  9. What Mrs.Patel has learnt that not only children have GAINED lots of skills and knowledge but teachers too. It was just an amazing Diwali celebration day. I’ve watched all the three classes blog and I just love ❤️ them ALL
    I could use so many adjectives about the day eg lovely,beautiful,amazing,wonderful,excellent awesome,fantastic and enjoyable.👍😊
    and everyone looked WOW with their costumes too. Your behaviour in the temple was excellent showing respect and representing Broadheath school which is very important. Well done everyone for making our Diwali day celebration a FANTASTIC day making lots of memories too for our learning. 🕉🕉🕉❤️👏🏼⭐️😀🪔🪔🪔