1W Geography fieldwork

Today we were able to go on our walk around Foleshill as part of our Geography learning. We were looking for different human features of our local area. Here are some of the places we found…

You behaved beautifully and everybody was so happy to be out and about!


Can you name 5 human features that we saw?
Can you tell me what the difference is between human and physical features?


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  1. I saw 5 features.
    2) Cars
    4) Temple
    The difference between human and pysical features are:
    Human features are the thing made by human like cars,shops,houses mobiles,electronics.And the pysical features are the things which made by nature like sea,mountains,rivers,sand,lakes,trees and natural things.

  2. Wow! Amazing findings!
    Wonderful 1White for beautiful behaviour throughout the fieldwork. Well done for being brilliant Broad Heath Citizens.