1W Getting ready for Year 2

Dear Mrs Penavega and Mrs Browning,

Here are some messages and questions for you…

As you can see, we can’t WAIT for Year 2!

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  1. Mrs Browning

    Oh my goodness, 1 White… What a lovely video!
    I am really excited about having you all in 2 Red and getting to know you better in September. We are going to do some fantastic learning.
    I’m looking forward to listening to you all read, as you can probably tell from our introduction blog, I love reading… My favourite book is Roald Dahl’s Matilda.
    What is your favourite book?
    Do you know what else I like?…
    Like Mrs Penavega said, we have swimming every Friday and I’ll let you in on a secret, I get in the pool with you! 🤫
    Will you promise me something? Promise that you’ll try and read as many books as you can and get some practice in a swimming pool over the summer break.
    Stay safe & most of all have fun with your family… see you soon.

  2. Mrs Penavega

    Hello 1 White. What a fantastic video! Thank you for all the lovely comments. We really can’t wait for you to come into 2 Red. It is just so exciting! You are all true superstars.

    Now, let me see if I can answer some of your questions. Yes, we will go swimming every week. We will go swimming on Friday afternoons. I think you will enjoy maths in y2 Rayyan. You can practise your times tables and you can take a challenge from the special challenge box if you wish.

    We will go on trips, hopefully, if all goes to plan, quite soon, at the beginning of the year. How good will that be? Let’s wait and see.

    You will continue on the reading colour or RWI book that you have at the moment (so keep practising your words and looking around you to see if there are any signs you can read during the holidays or read any books you might have at home)
    Now, I have some questions. What kind of stories do you like?
    What is your favourite lesson?
    What is your favourite part of the adventure playground?

    See you soon superstars!

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