1W Keeping Foleshill Fantastic

When we were on our walk around the local area, we noticed that there is a big problem in Foleshill – LITTER POLLUTION. In fact, the children were quite disgusted by what they saw!

Today in our Geography lesson, we thought about how we could make a difference to our environment. We were particularly concerned about the impact on local wildlife. Oreva said “WE CAN DO THIS!” and the rest of 1W cheered!

With Mrs Patel, we began by cleaning up around school. We had lots of fun using the litter pickers and felt great about the changes we made!

With Miss Smith, we created posters to help others in the community remember to do the right thing! Aren’t they fantastic?! Some children even managed to apply their Computing skills by using PicCollage to create posters.

What impact does litter have on our local area? Why is it harmful? How does it make you feel?
How can WE make a difference? How many bins did you find on the playground with Mrs Patel?

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