Today, during English, we followed instructions to make our very own Diwali diva lamps. We now have to wait until the clay is dry until we can paint them!

CHALLENGE: Can you write the first 3 instructions that we followed today?
Remember to use numbers and time connectives if you can! For example: First, then, next, after.


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  1. Making divas
    1) First you roll the clay into a ball.
    2) Then you push your thumbs into the clay and pinch the clay with your fingers.
    3) Next let it dry for a few days.
    4) Then decorate your diva after it has dried.
    5)Finally tell the adult to light the candle.

  2. 1)First roll the clay like a ball.
    2)Second push your thum in the clay.Don’t forget the edges.
    3)After e days make sequece.
    4)Ask an adult to light the candle into the diwa.

  3. I have enjoyed reading your comments about making divas.
    This shows evidence of super learning and following instructions .🪔🕯
    Well done.

  4. First i rolled the clay into a ball next i pushed the clay, then i pinched the clay and after the clay was dry i made patterns on with paint. Then i will get a grown up to light the candle in my diva

  5. First roll the clay into a ball. Then push your thumbs in the middle. Next pinch the edges, after leave it for a few days and then you can paint it.

  6. First roll the clay into a ball.
    Then you put your thumps in the middle you then pinch it
    After you then draw a pattern with paint.
    Finally you put a candle by an adult because it can burn you.

    • Super Amina! 5 dojo points. I love your use of time connectives.
      Remember, you don’t need to use the word ‘you’ in your instructions.

  7. First I rolled the clay into a ball, next I pushed inside the ball. Then I pinched the edges. Later I made some patterns on the diva. It was fun to make a diva. Thank you. 😀

  8. First roll up the dough next put on the your thumb in the diva And pinch the diva then decorate with clay tools.and sequence paint the diva ,tell the adult to light the candle in the diva.