1W Natural Art

This half term we will be creating sculptures of animals using natural materials. On Friday we went outside to explore and collect some natural objects that we might like to use. We had lots of fun!


Which animal will you create? Which natural materials will you use and how?
e.g. I will create a mouse. I will use twigs for the whiskers because they are long and thin. I will use leaves for the ears.


  1. I will create a butterfly 🦋 i will use leaves for thier wings and flowers to make the wings look colourful and small twigs for thier legs. 🦋

  2. We went on an adventure and we found some stones, grass, sticks, feathers and leafes.
    I will make a tiger
    I will use sticks for the body, small stones for the eyes and leafs for the ears because it isn’t harde and it is more fun.

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