1W Rama and Sita Role Play

This week we will be writing the story of Rama & Sita during our English lessons. To help us prepare, we retold the story through drama. We had so much fun!


Can you tell me what happened in the story? Which was your favourite part?


  1. My favourite part of this story when Rama fought with Ravana.. the story about Princes Rama and Sita they went to forest and there was devil Ravana who took to Sita by fake man..but clever Sita left her jewellery ornaments on the path for Rama.. who can get a sign to find Sita.. At the end of story With the help of monkey king Rama got to Sita when they returned to their home people welcomed with lights the divas..

  2. Hi guys I miss to 4 weeks and Mrs Patel and miss me I wish I’d come to school some weeks with you guys to play with you guys in venture playground and I got chickenpox but I think because I’m not coming out I think I’m gonna be okay next week next week I will try my guys miss you lots so much

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