1W Science – Tree hunt!

This week, in Science, 1White went on a tree hunt around our school. Who knew we had so many different types?! We looked at the different shapes of leaves and also used a clever app which scanned the leaves to help us identify which was which.

We then sorted the trees into evergreen and deciduous.

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Can you name 3 different types of trees?

Can you tell me what evergreen means?

What does deciduous mean?


  1. I know a charry trees, a evergreen trees and a deciduous trees.
    Evergreen means trees stays forever green. In every season.
    Deciduous means the trees their leaves falls with the winter and autumn.

  2. 1.
    Pine tree
    Oak tree
    Dark oak tree

    2. Evergreen means that the leaves stay green forever.

    3. Deciduous means the leaves change colour and fall in Autumn.

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