10 thoughts on “1W Trip to Coombe Abbey

  1. We spot ducks, swans and squirrels.
    I found dog roses and butter cups.
    I enjoyed pond dipping, playing in the play ground and walking in the woods.

  2. I saw ducks and ducklings and squirrels over there.
    I saw few flowers over there which are pink purple and red in colour.
    I enjoyed fishing and playing on the swings.

  3. We saw fast squirrels, ugly ducklings and pretty white swans, birds, tiny fish and bees on the purple flowers.

    I enjoyed playing in the woods and in the park.

  4. We spotted water boatman, gooses and swans and squirrels.
    The flowers I found were brambles, dog roses and nettles
    I enjoyed the pond dipping.

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