1W Well-being Day

Wellbeing — Broad Square Primary

What a fantastic way to end the week! Firstly, a huge well done to all children for remembering their swimming kits. Again, swimming was a HUGE success. The children have been talking about it ALL day! ‘When can we swim again? Can we swim next week? Can we have more well-being days?’. Miss Smith & Mrs T were SO proud of your water confidence today. So many children even jumped into the pool for the first time!

We also made our own footballs, just like Mrs T used to when she was little. We had the chance to play with them outside. Mrs T also taught us to play hop scotch with a twist which developed our balancing skills. With Mrs Patel we had fun using hoops!

We really enjoyed making peg dolls, just like Victorian children did. Thank you to Mrs Sharif for helping us! Outside we had so much fun playing different playground games like Duck, duck goose and Scarecrow Tig!


Tell me something that made you feel HAPPY today!

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