1W Well-being day and Stay & Play Week 4

Today has been truly lovely! We have played games, get green thumbs and got crafty with some of our parents and siblings during stay and play!

In this video only some of the clips and pictures were taken by Miss Matthias and Mrs Patel, the children recored and took the majority of them. ☺️

We really enjoyed planting seeds and we hope that they start to grow soon! we also started one in a plant pot and will see which seeds start to grow first!

We also played some games the children wanted to play Duck, Duck, Goose Whats the Time Mr Wolf and another game called Down in the Jungle

This was such fun and the sun shone brightly for us! We were so busy playing we only got a few pictures and videos! ☺️ We also loved playing What’s the Time Mr Wolf but Miss Matthias was too busy running around to get any footage 😂

Today was our last stay and play of the half term but we loved it! here are some of the pictures! It has been so lovely meeting so many of our parents and getting to see you spend quality time together! I can not wait for stay and play to start again!

Thank you 1W for a truly wonderful day!

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