1W Zoom Call FRIDAY

Hi Year 1,

We will have our weekly Zoom call on Friday morning. I would like to see ALL children attending. :) I miss you all very much!

Red & Orange group: Please join at 10am.

Yellow, Blue & Green group: Please join at 10:15am.

The children know which colour group they are in! Think about which coloured spelling card they take home.


Your cameras MUST be on. Your name MUST be set as your own first name. This is to keep everybody safe so Miss Smith knows who she is admitting into the chat. If your camera is not on, you will be moved back into the waiting room.

Please use the link below:


Meeting ID: 829 0516 0718

The passcode will be the same as last week. It is the NAME of our class frog. It is a 4 letter word with no capital letters. The children ALL know his name. If you are unsure, please email the Y1upload.

I can’t wait to see you all! :)

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