1white zoom call- Wednesday 15th July. Please read.

Hello 1 White! I hope you are all ok and are enjoying the home learning, I have really enjoyed all your work! It was lovely to see you all last week so decided to do another. This way we can all see each other again and have a little catch up!

If you are able to join this call, please email y1upload@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk and comment below. I will send your zoom link to you directly on Tuesday afternoon.

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(You will not need a username or password).
You MUST have your camera turned on please and your name put in before asking to enter the meeting as we are unable to accept anyone into the call with no name as we won’t know who you are before accepting.
I cannot accept names such as ‘Samsung 7’ so please put your child’s name to be accepted as some people weren’t able to be accepted because of this last week.

I am very excited to see you! Hope to see you then!

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