1White’s day in Year2

2Red Are Simply Light Years Ahead!Image result for rocket cartoon[ads_hr hr_style=”hr-fade”][ads_color_box color_background=”#11204d” color_text=”#ffffff”]Well 1White are truly out of this world! Mrs Penavega and Miss Harrison-Brandon were blown away by the childrens brilliant behaviour, confidence and determination throughout the day. Everyone was happy and smiling from start to finish, they are definitely ready for Year 2!  Take a look at the video to see what we got up to…[/ads_color_box]

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13 thoughts on “1White’s day in Year2

  1. MY FAVOURITE activity was to painting my face. Because I like it so much.
    I will not miss anything about year 1, because I am with my class and teacher in year 2.
    I am looking forward for cooking in the school diner.

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